Renew Your Classic Pieces with Antique Lock Restoration

They’re lovely, classic, and add character to your house, but anyone who has tried to restore an antique knows it’s a difficult process. From discontinued elements and modifications in mechanics, to their old and fragile state, finding ways replace or restore one of your favorite antiques can be a real challenge.

Quite often, locks are an issue space for vintage pieces. With furniture, keys end up misplaced or damaged within the locks, and of course the locks themselves jam or stop working. If the lock is on a door, similar to an aged mortise lock, parts will require to get replaced in the vintage lock restoration course of for every thing to work the way it’s supposed to.locksmith

The good news is antique lock restoration isn’t impossible. Specialists in antique lock restoration you’ll be able to replace and repair locks of all types, so there is no need for you to say goodbye to your most charming pieces. Restoring the lock on a door can be as simple as to have the spindle whatever the doorknob replaced. Furniture can also be an easy fix most of the time, as keys can be re-created, and carved to suit the lock, or locks and keys can get replaced all together.

There is no need to say goodbye to probably the most treasured, vintage aspects of your house once we can offer you a solution. Our antique lock restoration experts that can definitely help you with quite a lot of servicesto keep your vintage locks as good as new. Name us today at 206-284-0151 to restore that classic charm.


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